“The Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association Dragon Boat Races” of CCB (Asia) Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races was held at Central Harbourfront Event Space, on 24 June. CR Construction and numerous enterprises in Hong Kong have been invited to the event.

Dragon Boat Race has always been a traditional practice for the Chinese to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. At the event, all teams of enterprises, including CR Construction, were fully committed to the competition. The cheering team also gave enthusiastic cheers and cries to the team. Both contestants and cheerleaders and spectators were full of joy. Through the dragon boat race, the charm of Chinese traditional culture is fully revealed.

In the month prior to the official start of the Dragon Boat Race, CR Construction’s colleagues has received professional training in their leisure time. They were devoted in the training although the weather in recent days has been blazing or heavy rains, which reflected the spirit of undoubtedness and hardship valued by all CR members.

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