Our Services

Established in 1967, we are one of the leading building contractors in Hong Kong with over 55 years of experience. We principally act as a main contractor in building construction works and RMAA works projects across public and private sectors in Hong Kong. According to the Report by China Insights Consultancy Limited, we ranked the third among all main contractors in Hong Kong in terms of revenue from building construction works for the year ended 31 December 2018 with a market share of approximately 5.2%.

During the Track Record Period, we mainly took the role of main contractor. As a main contractor, we are responsible for (i) overall management of the projects; (ii) formulating work programmes; (iii) engaging subcontractors and supervising their works; (iv) sourcing construction materials; (v) communication and coordination with our customers and their consultant teams; and (vi) safeguarding compliance with safety, environmental and other contractual requirements.

During the Track Record Period, all of our building construction works and most of our RMAA works were project-based while some of our RMAA works, in particular maintenance works, were term contract based. During the same period, we derived the majority of our revenue from building construction works and experienced significant growth in our revenue.