We put our staff at the forefront during the course of our Company's sustainability journey. As we assist our staff of all levels in their career development, we gear towards a leading and reputable position in our industry, and create shared value with the community.

We talk to our staff regularly to understand their developmental needs and ensure necessary support and resources are provided in time. In-house training courses are hosted by senior staff to pass on their expertise and management skills, and equip new staff with industry knowledge. Besides, we invite guest speakers and professional institutes to share knowledge that cater to the needs of our staff through various means and topics to facilitate long-term development, such as:

- project based mentor scheme

- apprenticeship schemes jointly organised with post-secondary institutes

- tactical lean management training and workshops

- leadership skills development

- team building technique

- latest construction technologies

Occupational safety and health (OSH) training and promotional activities are held regularly to cultivate a safety culture. Constant review and enhancement of safety measures at our construction sites also helps to build a safe workplace for all.