Staffs are one of the critical success factors in our Company's vision and ambition to hold leading and reputable position in the industry and in society. The quality of our staff is a determining factor for our success, and this holds true for both technical and support staff of all levels.

We consider human resource is the most important asset and we put staff development in top of the list during the course of fulfilling our Company's sustainability journey. To meet the needs of our sustainable growth and business development, we regularly assess our colleague's developmental needs to ensure everyone, including the top management have the support to achieve their top potential and self-actualization. We have held in-house trainings hosted by senior members of staff and invited guest speakers to deliver technical seminars tailored to suit our needs. We organize trainings with external teaching and professional institutions on technical and managerial skills, as well as pave career paths for long-term professional development of staff through implementing the following to various levels and disciplines of staff:

- project based mentor scheme;
- apprenticeship schemes jointly organized with post-secondary institutes;
- tactical lean management training and workshops;
- leadership skills development; and
- team building technique;
- latest construction technologies;

Besides above hardware skills, self-confidence,sense of belongings and cohesion are also deeply developed and underpinned through a number of monthly departmental gatherings and events.

Health care of employees is the first priority and is one of the core values of the company. We hold a series of trainings and promotional activities on health and safety issues. Keen participation into these activities from our staff creates an encouraging environment to inspire top management from our business partners to constantly review safety measures and to improve job site safety. In addition,we provide employees and their families with a comprehensive wellness program to promote and maintain health both in body and soul such as annual flu shots and annual family gathering.