The CR Construction motto and spirit in volunteerism is – “It is more blessed to give than to receive”.

Our volunteer team aims at promoting social relationship and cohesion within the community, and to encourage the participation of individuals in helping community problems and improving the quality of community life. We encourage our employees and their family members, as well as working partners to participate in volunteering services and to contribute to the local community.

Since the inception of volunteer team, we have participated in over 20 numbers of volunteering services include health-related charities, providing assistance to the elderly and those with disabilities, blood donation,organized activity with NGOs,and more. These services receive tremendous support from our colleagues and members of their families.By organizing and participating into these volunteering services, we learnt, benefited and achieved the following:

- demonstrate good corporate citizenship;

- contribute to a caring community;

- care for the social vulnerable groups;

- increase employees' morale;

- building team spirit;

- respect others dignity;

- enhance family harmonization.

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