CR Construction attended the Award Presentation Ceremony of The Sixth Green Construction Site Award 2019 hosted by Kerry Properties, and was granted the Champion at the Environmental Board Game Design Competition. We also received the Certificate of Participation. Our Compliance colleagues, including Jessica, Bruce and Emily, team up and entered the Environmental Board Game Design Competition by submitting a hand-made board game named “HK Animal's Battlegrounds”. The team has made huge efforts on the DIY board game from end to end – including design and drawing, collection of waste materials from construction sites, cleansing, processing and coloring. Through the creation of the unique board game, the team has gained understanding on the relationship between Hong Kong's natural ecology and urban development.

Kerry Properties organises the “Green Construction Site Award” annually to engage contractors, aiming to raise awareness of environmental issues at construction sites. To encourage waste reduction and recycling, it is required that all board game elements in this competition are made with waste materials.

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