In light of company development and strategic planning, on 30 November to 2 December, the company organized an Annual Retreat which invited all members of the Top Management, Project-in-charge and Department Heads to deliver their insights.

Our Managing Director Mr. KY Li affirms the team effort in 2017. The meeting was fruitful as each participant delivers the year plan for 2018.  The team also discussed vigorously on the topics such as building quality control, budget control etc., hoping the company can refine the management processes in future.

The meeting was wrapped by our Chairman’s speech. Mr. Guan inspired the participants with his concept of “4-3-2-1”, hoping we can do best in time management and take utmost care towards our employees.  The key concept for the year 2018 is “consolidation”. Mr. Guan emphasized that we all need to keep up with 2017 results, yet eye should be on union, betterment, recapping all our efforts in the past and create a more vibrant 2018.

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