Our Assistant Engineering Manager, Mr Derek Yip and Assistant Project Coordinator, Ms Alison Tang have both received "Young Lo Pan Award" in Hong Kong Lo Pan Kwong Yuet Tong "Young Lo Pan Award 2023". The Award aims to encourage and recognize young elites with outstanding performance in architecture, engineering and technology, etc., as well as a pursuit of excellence and the spirit of craftsmanship from Lo Pan.

While presenting recognitions to awardees, our Technical Director and Chairman of "The Young Lo Pan Award 2023" Organizing Committee, Mr Ricy Li, encouraged young practitioners in the construction industry with outstanding performance and ambition to continue to contribute to the industry’s development.

At CR Construction, we invest resources to nurture our young talents, helping them accumulate knowledge and experience in project management and construction operations. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the award-winning CR members and we are excited to see them shine.

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